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Technology And R&D

Constant innovation is absolutely critical for progress and development in the high-technology arena we operate in. To remain at the cutting-edge, Coral Telecom has a dedicated Design & Development facility in Noida (India). Here a team of engineers are involved in technology oriented design development. Coral Telecom’s software expertise in writing specialized software and algorithms has led to the successful development of powerful yet efficient computation models. This along with expertise in DSP & FPGA enables our designs to be more efficient and cost-effective. This expertise can be outsourced to meet customized design needs.

Coral Telecom also has a wholly owned, independent R&D division: 

Coral Labs.
 We undertake custom software projects and the management of long-term ‘virtual’ development centres for companies that require additional engineering bandwidth. Coral Labs’ primary function is that of a design house for developing EPABX / KTS systems for Coral Telecom. Coral Telecom is the only EPABX Company in India with its own R&D facility dedicated to incorporating the latest in technology. Coral Labs specializes in the development and support of advanced communication products for developers, integrators and the private label market. Coral Labs also provides project-based custom software and embedded application development.