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Coral Connect video collaboration platform is a user friendly tool for enhanced employee efficiency for effective multimedia based collaborative work in a team in a secured environment. Globally the concept is becoming popular as it tends to reduced travel time and considered a “Green work culture” contributing to make our planet a better place to live in.

These platforms support “work from home” culture to ensure a better work-life balance, making staff more committed and loyal. Trend would avoid commuting and staff will spend more work hours during the work week thus adding to the organisation productivity.

Younger generations and computer savvy workers would force the management to set up efficient collaborative work culture and conference rooms. Meetings and long distance travel would shift to online video-collaboration apps. Swanky offices and lecture halls would be partly replaced by user friendly collaborative customised platforms on the web.

Further coral platforms can also offer multi layered security to ensure only authorised users from devices can participate, passwords are secured using complex hashing algorithms and they work on specially secured data tunnels. These solutions would ensure your dialling characteristics and video payloads are further secured with complex algorithms.

These platforms can be further customised by us for your specific requirements.

  • Create your own personal meeting room, invite your customers and colleagues over for video Collaboration.
  • Flexibility to access from Laptop, Desktop, Video Phone, or even an ordinary telephone.
  • Share desktop, presentations and chat with group or in Private while collaboration.
  • Advanced video routing tools like bandwidth estimation ensure sharp and stable pictures.
  • Moderator can control camera & mic of all participants. Can mute, kick out or invite users.
  • Hand raising option to gain moderator attention.
  • Additional session security over secured data tunnel and links to allow only specified user devices.

  • Secured Government Communication on in-house hosted servers.
  • Video collaboration suite for enterprises to save on travel time.
  • Work from home for higher employee loyalty & productivity.
  • E education & E-lectures for larger audiance

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