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Rental Service Business

With telecom technologies upgrading at a fast pace and market maturing, the trend with enterprises to seek augmented services and bundled hardware and software on rental basis is fast catching up. Telecom companies are luring customers with end-to-end complete solutions. Keeping this in mind, Coral Telecom has tied up with the largest telecom companies in India i.e. BSNL and MTNL to supply customer premises equipments on rent cum revenue share basis.

Rental services business for voice and data services are expected to be large market worth at least two million ports per annum in India, which translates into a market of  Rs. 2000 million. This model is being replicated in other countries in the Indian subcontinent and in Africa.

Model provides a zero capex based solution to end customers and absolves the service provider against challenges of technology obsolescence. Coral Telecom is in an enviable position to succeed in this market because of its pan-India presence to support service based business platform. Coral as a design house can handle challenges of technology obsolescence better than other traders and Coral as a manufacturer has lower break-even point in the business. 


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Applications Features  

A. Voice and Data Services 

1.  Pre-configured small wired PBX - Extensions 24,36,48,72 and 96 with a backhaul of PRI or Analog Trunks
2.  Fully featured Voice and Data Enterprise Switch over TDM and IP. Extensions 100-7000 Voice and Data with backhaul of PRI & E1.

B. Point to Point Voice and Data backhaul services

1. E1/PRI/V5.2/Data Connectivity to the customers under FREE EPABX scheme and falling in TNF areas
2. E1/PRI/V5.2 Data Connectivity to the customers in TNF areas where EPABX is already operating.
3. E1/PRI/Data connectivity to desirous customers as redundant circuits
4. E1/PRI/Data connectivity to customers for inter-connect with remotely located offices or different buildings in the campus.

C. Hot spot Services

1. Wireless hotspot services for the provision of wireless internet access at public and/or premium places such as airports, railway  stations, university & college campus, sports complexes, municipal areas, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, housing societies etc.
2. Services shall be setup to customers for the provision of wireless internet access at:
   a. Public places such as railway stations, university and college campus, sports complexes, municipal areas etc.
   b. Premium locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls etc.




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