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Pvt. GSM App. in Disaster Management

These portable and easy to use systems cater to emergency services & for rapid deployment of GSM network. Units where the existing GSM / CDMA networks are destroyed due to natural calamity such as a hurricane or earthquake, Coral Air IRIS NGX, can quickly set up a reliable communication network which can be used by all agencies working on the site viz. NGO's / Red Cross / Paramilitary / Army / State Departments / Fire Departments etc. Security Agencies including Police & National Security Groups can use Coral Air BTS for emergencies such as a terror strike. Integrated solution such as this along with a common platform for Voice and Data transmission is the need of the hour felt by most security agencies. Disaster management & field GSM deployments seamlessly working with their private networks is a need that can be met with an integrated solution which Coral Air NGX offers.

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