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Pvt. GSM App. in Defence, Paramilitary and Tactical

Coral has ruggedized switches (JSSS 55555) that meet the field requirement of army & paramilitary forces and provide interface for PSTN, IP, CNR radio, E&M, Magneto or VoIP. These can find applications as Inter op devices in large projects on the battlefield. Battery powered, Vehicle mounted Coral Air BTS systems are compact single Box solutions for quick deployment of GSM & backhaul services. These could be housed in mobile jeeps with “on board” generators to set up a GSM network over 5 - 7 Kms radius. Deployment of half a dozen such mobile communication vehicles can cover a larger radius for rapidly setting up a tactical unit. UN peacekeeping force or troops stationed in any part of the world could be customers for such applications. These products will ultimately find large applications in projects like Battlefield Management System and Tactical Control Systems.  

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