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Outbound Contact Center Solution

Active! Dialer is a system of outbound calling that dials number automatically with enhanced features like Real-time monitoring, Reporting of Agents and Campaign, which helps to analyze ongoing activity & updates, which increases the level of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of a call center.
Outbound predictive/progressive/preview dialing campaigns can be conducted using Active! Dialer. Agents also have the opportunity to preview the call information (including screen-pop information), before the call is dialed.

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Outbound Contact Center Solution
Applications Features  

Coral’s Active! Dialer is best suited solution for Lead Generation, Sales & Marketing, Appointment Setting, Market Research, Surveys, Collections, Customer Service & Helpdesk.

It is a perfect solution for the BPO industry to run efficient processes and provide superior service & productivity.

It enables BPO industry to increase their workforce efficiency, scalability and delivering enhanced customer service.

It helps in lowering operational costs while managing complete agent productivity without compromising on customer interaction, thereby leading to increased business and higher revenues.

It enables BPO’s to integrate with the CRM, ERP and other solutions to become a strategic link in the requirements of its customers, helping call centers to achieve highly profitable interoperability.

It automates routine tasks by providing Dynamic & Real-Time control over the operations including Campaigns, Leads & complete Agent control.

It improves outbound contact center productivity with pacing algorithm which keeps steady stream of calls flowing to the agents.

It allows calling multiple campaigns lists simultaneously thereby insuring maximum penetration of each campaign.

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