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Iris IVDX Lite is an upgraded version of DX 2000, built around a powerful 32 Bit ARM processor with fully distributed architecture that not only allows faster processing but also optimum utilization of main CPU time. Compact 8 and 12 port, fully featured Line cards are based on DSP (DUSLIC) design to support features like DTMF generation & detection, Caller ID generation (upto Analog Extensions), Polarity Reversal, On Hook Transmission, Echo Cancellation, Message Waiting Lamp & Fax/Modem detection.

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Applications Features  

GSM PBX application : With a plug-in 8 port GSM card and Least Cost Routing feature, IRIS IVDX Lite is a perfect GSM PBX where all calls made to the GSM network are automatically sent over the GSM network, there by reducing the cost of communication

GSM Gateway application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be programmed to behave as a digital GSM gateway. It can take in 30 SIMS and give out an ISDN PRI. It can be used to quickly deploy communication set-up wherever landline trunk lines are not available.

PRI Gateway : With its plug-in IP trunk connectivity, IRIS IVDX Lite can be used as a IP-PRI gateway. A very useful application in Call Centers.

Call Center application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be very easily integrated with most call center softwares such as Agent Management Software(AMS), Voice logger, dialer and CRM application.

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