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Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

”Fixed Mobile Convergence” is a transition point in the telecommunications industry that will remove the distinctions between fixed and mobile networks. Focus would be on providing a “superior experience” to customers while being cost effective to the Telecom service provider.

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Applications Features  

Telecom Operators can use 'FMC' to provide a converged solution to their customers so that users are accessible on one number irrespective of their physical location and type of available connectivity. Telecom operators will benefit by decongesting the wireless spectrum. Solution can work only as a part of the TELCO network and will find applications as follows;

1. 'Small Office and Residential' (SOHO) applications where voice calls on mobile SIM subscriber walking into his/her residence can automatically be diverted to the landline network of his/her residence. Data calls on mobile SIM subscriber walking into his/her residence can seamlessly and automatically be handed over to wireless broadband network of his/her residence, there by decreasing the load on the 3G or Edge network of the operator

2. Enterprise office PBX would take the call control of GSM mobile in such a way that whenever a registered user enters his/her office the GSM phone will start behaving like an extension of the office PBX while all incoming calls from the macro network would continue to be received seamlessly.

 3. Roaming scenario : In case the mobile subscriber is out of the country, then the SIP client loaded on the handset or computer gets registered with its office PBX over IP and his access device will behave as if the user is at his office location.

 Web hosted 'Unified Communication and PBX' services will allow customers of the telecom service provider to seamlessly avail telephone calls, Voice mails, faxes and the Conference bridge services of the office environment from their GSM handset or the desk phone or from a VoIP phone there by ensuring a single device operation for all the varied communication needs.


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