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Coral Zephyr GSM CDMA 30

GSM 30 is for medium and large companies with a high proportion of calls to and from GSM networks. Product allows these enterprises to save costs by routing calls made from office extensions to mobile numbers or the GSM “SIMS” connected to the switch.

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Coral Zephyr GSM CDMA 30
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Mobile & landline phone charges have become an important cost factor for many companies today. The high rates for connecting fixed public network subscribers with mobile cellular networks increase calling costs considerably.

For most businesses fixed to mobile calls make up a significant portion of their telecom expenses, often between 60-70% of the phone bill. However, these calls would be much more cost effective if made over the mobile network, as 'mobile to mobile' calls are significantly cheaper than 'fixed to mobile'.

GSM /CDMA gateways find large applications with TELCOs who can extend a PRI from the gateway using 30 SIMs. Can be deployed in minutes.

Outbound Call centers use these gateways for making calls. The advantage gain is in low calling rates for mobile to mobile calling.

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