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Coral IP-2448+ IP DSLAM

IP DSLAM is a device that bundles multiple DSL lines and connects them to a higher-level entity. These products find applications in provisioning of voice and data on simple copper wire (DSL) to end customers. Users are TELCO, ISP, and other service providers.

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Coral IP-2448+ IP DSLAM
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Applications Features  

As the number of subscribers and applications grow, additional Coral IP 2448+ can be added to meet the additional requirements. The stackable units share a single uplink, where additional units can be added with no additional uplink connectivity for either subscriber data or management of the stack.

Coral IP 2448+ supports both port based and tag based VLANs. Port based VLAN group membership is meaningful only within a single switch, however tag based VLAN allows the user identities to be carried across switches, allowing service providers to maintain privacy and security throughout the network.

VLAN Stacking (VLAN Q in Q)
IP 2448+ supports VLAN stacking also known as Q in Q, which is a mechanism where one VLAN may be encapsulated within another VLAN.

Optimized Bandwidth Utilization
The Multicasting design in IP 2448+, forwards traffic to only those subscribers that request the multicast traffic. This prevents unnecessary broadcast of traffic to all subscribers and optimizes bandwidth utilization for bandwidth hungry applications such as video on demand.

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